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Plastic net equipment
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Safety Net Production Line

Name:Safety Net Production Line
Details :

The unit is new precision plastic net equipment, which is researched and developed on the basis of our many year product experiences, introducing advanced technology from abroad. The unit may produce warning net, square net, fencing net with even aperture and delicate and smooth surface. If the net be secondly stretched and its will become square net, the mechanical property of square net can be improved notably, Therefore, these nets can be used widely in the subgrade protection, construction work, top grade fence and so on.


◆Safety net is used as protective and caution for building, airport, dock and garden, etc.

◆Geonet is used for reinforce reservoir and ground treatment for refuse dump, etc.

◆Geonet is used for rock fall-down protection which it put on the slope.

◆Geonet can be produced cages for packing rock. It is for protecting the surface of bank and rock from being encroached, collapse, rock movement and cushion against the surf.

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