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Plastic net equipment
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Safety Net Production Line

Safety Net Production Line

Details :

The unit is the absorption of foreign advanced technology, integration of our company for many years of production experience. The development of a new type of precision plastic net equipment, the production of warning net, grid net, fence net, universal net, net material mesh products uniform, fine and smooth. After the second stretching, the square hole stretching mesh is formed, and its re-mechanical properties are obviously improved. It can be used for roadbed protection, engineering construction, high-grade fence and many other fields. We can design different mesh type and mesh size according to customers' different requirements.


◆ Fencing, protection, isolation, warning

◆ Product type: alarm network production equipment

◆ Scope of application: garden protection, municipal construction

◆ Product type: alarm network production equipment

◆ Product specification: 300mm-2000mm

◆ Mesh size: 10--26mm

◆ With a roll size: 1*50M

Safety net warning net product use:

◆ Safety warning net has good tensile force, strength, stable mechanical properties, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, lightweight, recyclable and other advantages, widely used in construction site fence net, protective net. Traffic isolation belt network, underground cable warning network, underground pipeline warning protective network, road maintenance warning network or traffic barrier protective network and other fields. It has the function of warning and protection.

Production process:

◆ Raw material → mixing → input hopper → melt plasticizing → extruded into a net through the machine head → cooling and shaping → primary traction → cutting to start flat → hot water heating → longitudinal stretching → secondary traction → rewinding finished products.


◆ For buildings, airports, docks, gardens and other fences, with warning, protective effect

◆ Mainly used in greening slope protection. Reinforcement of reservoir bottom. The lake of a landfill.

◆ The laying of geotextile net on the road slope can prevent the slide of the rock and avoid the damage caused by the stone to the human body.

◆ The stone cage made of geotextile net can be applied to the dam to prevent landslides and buffer the impact energy of the waves.

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